Calm Hippo Mission

Welcome to Calm Hippo. Our mission is to help you improve your health naturally. Here you will discover helpful information about mindful living, stress relief, healthy diets, unique exercises, products and natural health in general.

A Little About the Founders

My passion for all things calm began in the seventh grade when I read a magazine that was passed out in one of my classes. In it, there was an article that talked about the benefits of meditation. It also included a basic guide on how to meditate. After practice that night I sat down on our concrete basement floor. Eager to try what I had learned, I closed my eyes. I spent the next ten minutes counting my breaths. This meditation session taught me to see my own mind in a different light. It also motivated me to learn new perspectives about mental and physical health.

Ever since, I have been forever committed to finding things that are beneficial to my health. I carried this passion to college where I spent much of my time exploring yoga and following trends in healthy eating. There, I was lucky enough to meet my wife and share my passion with her. Together, we started Calm Hippo to teach, learn from, and grow with others who have a similar interest in healthy lifestyles.

For any questions, concerns, or just to speak with us; please contact Sam Metz at